Wednesday, February 6, 2013

18 Months

I feel like I have said it at every age but I am really loving Jackson at 18 months. I am really starting to see the person my son is going to become one day. He has learned so much the last 6 months that he never ceases to amaze me with what he knows now. Just last night he pointed to his sippy cup and said Elmo to acknowledge who was on his cup. That was the first time he has pointed out something instead of just saying random words.

I wanted to make sure I captured some of the things he has done because these are moments I don't want to forget. During our Christmas trip, we stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner. I handed him a fork just to calm him down and was surprised that not only did he know how to use it but he could. That has really changed meal time for us because J wants to fed himself exclusively now. That can be fun and frustrating at time.

Another fun thing he has done is learn some simple sign language to be able to communicate with us easier. His language development has really grown even in the last month. I honestly think we get at least one new word a day.

My boy loves to dance and loves music. I really hope this means he is going to be musical as he gets older. One night I flipped the TV over to Les Miz in Concert. He was totally fascinated and sucked in to the music. He still loves Veggie Tales but has added Elmo to his favorites. He gives kisses and says bye when it's bedtime. He is just such a sweet but curious child.

Now it's not all fun and games. Some days are really frustrating. He is so independent that he wants to do everything himself. That isn't always possible and can lead to some major meltdowns if he doesn't get his way. We are almost at the point of forgoing eating out until he matures a bit because I can't handle the meltdowns in a public setting. I really don't want to bother anyone or be "that" parent so public outings might be limited for awhile.


Jessica said...

I hate that stage where they're just to squirrely and non-cooperative to go to restaurants.

Yay for communication! Paul still doesn't really talk. He does communicate pretty well, but we'd like some words!

Julie said...

Yeah, the restaurant thing has not been fun recently. And it's not worth paying for a meal just to be frustrated and annoyed when it's over.