Monday, May 20, 2013

So We Moved

Two weeks ago, we loaded up a U haul with the help of a moving crew and moved our stuff 1.6 miles to our new "home."  I say "home" because a rental doesn't feel as much like a home to me.  Not that the new place doesn't have some great qualities.  It just all feels so temporary since we only plan to be here for a year while we look for our next place to live.  We haven't figured out exactly what we want to do next.  If we want to build or if we want to buy an existing house.  Where we want that to be.  Do we look closer to my office or try to plan around the school we would like the boys to go to?  There are just so many factors to consider.  I'm afraid I'm still so stressed out from the move that I can't seem to narrow my thoughts down to one thing.  Of course Chris would like to stay close to where we currently are since this is where he grew up but I would really like to live in Austin proper.

We also closed on the old house a week ago.  Chris was in training so I had to attend the closing alone.  Jackson ended up being with me because he was sent home from daycare the day before with a fever.  He ended up sleeping in my lap through the closing which let me know he really wasn't feeling well.  A trip to the doctor after the closing revealed a 103.5 temperature and his second round of strep in a month.  While I was sad to see my little house go, I was happy to have the closing behind me so we didn't have to deal with the selling process anymore.  I had my doubts about selling the house and it didn't all go smoothly but it is done now.  I'd say I'm happy but I don't think I will be until we figure out or next move.  I guess I am more relieved.

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Jessica said...

I'm glad you're done with the whole house-selling thing! Hoping you find a new house perfect for you:)