Thursday, July 11, 2013


So today is my birthday. Yay!  I'm at the point in life where birthdays aren't really a big deal anymore so it is nice when you end up with little surprises like this:
One of my coworkers had decorated my desk before I got to work this morning.  Plus there was also a fun card and a box of donuts waiting for me.  Then they took me out to lunch and we shared a cake at the office afterwards.  The morning had started off pretty rough with Jackson being crabby (which is why he wore his crabby but cute shirt to school) and Chris taking something I said the wrong way.  So I needed a little pick me up and I got just that when I arrive to see my coworker's handy work.  It was a nice day and the great start to a long weekend.

I really wasn't expecting much out of today and my mood the last week or so has been evident of that.  Pretty much since my mid 20s my birthdays have been a bit of a let down.  My ex was never big on birthdays and, even though I would tell him it was a big deal to me, he never tried to do much of anything for me.  I was lucky to get whatever gift he found at the store the day of that he thought was neat or cool regardless of whether I'd like it or not.  After I got divorced, I spent my next couple of birthdays alone which was no big deal really but it wasn't much fun either.  Now my birthday is kind of skipped over in favor of Jackson's which is a week from Saturday and Sean's which is 9 days after Jackson's.  (As a matter of fact, J's party is Saturday since we are traveling on his actual birthday next week.)  After all, once you reach adulthood, birthdays are just another day.  You still have to go to work (although I worked somewhere once that gave you a day off for your birthday only I didn't work there on my birthday).  You still have to pay bills and clean house and take care of all your responsibilities.  The only thing that is different is you turn another year older.  So today was a nice surprise and it makes me feel good to know that I work with people who try to make me feel special on my day even when they don't have to.


Jessica said...

Happy, happy birthday! I remember seeing pictures of you having cake at work last year on your birthday:)

Donna said...

Grown up birthdays aren't quite as special as kid or even college birthdays, are they? Glad you had a good day and enjoy your date tomorrow night!