Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bring Back the Words Week 6

Prompt 1: What’s your very earliest childhood memory?
(Courtesy of Kristina)
This one is actually easy for me.  I was two and it was during Hurricane Frederick.  Frederick was the last direct hit to Mobile and it occurred in September 1979.  It actually hit on my cousin's first birthday.  However, that isn't the memory.  I have heard lots of stories about that storm but what I remember is sitting on the couch watching my dad and my oldest brother, Vincent, walking out the back door of our house to check the damage to our house. (A tree fell on the house and did a number on the roof over my parents' room.)  I was sitting on the couch right across from the door and all I could see outside was gray.  (I'm not sure if it was early morning or why it was so gray.)  I remember thinking they weren't going to coming back because it looked like the had been swallowed up by the grayness.

Prompt 2: Do you have a habit that wouldn’t make sense to most people?
(Courtesy of Jessica)

I am sure I have several habits that most people don't get.  Like I cough when I finish brushing my teeth.  I picked this up from my mom and I do it to clear my throat.  I've had people think I am choking the first couple of times they hear me do it.  I have to follow the same order in the shower (face, body, hair) or I will forget to do something.  But the one thing I do that most people don't understand until I explain it to them is how I get on escalators.  I have to wait and watch one full stair roll by before I will step on to the escalator.  You see, escalators are a major source of anxiety for me.  When I was 6, I witness a little girl about my age fall down the escalator in our Gayfers and slice her head open.  She was crying and there was blood all over the back of her head and my mom leaned over to me and said, "See...that's what happens when you play around on escalators."  So now I am terrified of escalators which of course means there is one at our church to get to the second floor where the married adults and children's Bible Life classes are.  So escalators and heels on Sunday morning are fun for me.  I'm OK going up but going down freaks me out.  Chris knows this and just goes ahead of me until I work up the courage to step on (there is an elevator and we took it regularly when I was pregnant but the escalator is faster).   But yeah...I hate escalators.

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Jessica said...

Margaret hates escalators, too. I've always thought they were exciting:)

Ginger said...

I never used to be afraid of escalators until a friend of the family had a pretty major accident on one. Now I think of them more as a necessary evil than the fun thing they used to be!