Saturday, July 13, 2013

Catch Up Post: Week 2

Week 2 Prompt 1: Tell us a favorite summer memory.

My mom and I actually talked about this on the 4th of July. Growing up my extended family would get together would get together somewhere near a body of water to celebrate. As we all grew older and got busier, we stopped having these celebrations. I miss sitting on the dock of my step-grandfather's beach house, eating watermelon, and spitting the seeds into the water.  Those were the days! Spent in and out of the water and in a bathing suit all day. That was the way I wanted to live life and, if I had my way, I would live near the water now (and I don't mean a lake like we have here). There is nothing like early morning with the sun rising over the water or the calm of the waves at night. So that is summer to me. 

Week 2 Prompt 2: What is your quintessential summer supply list?

One of the things about summer growing up is that it was the start of hurricane season so summer always meant that we made sure we had all the supplies we would need if a storm started heading our way before the stores were overrun with last minutes shoppers.  That meant batteries, flashlights, candles, etc.  So I don't know if could really count that as a summer supply list but I remember many a summer tracking storms and waiting them out when all they did is rain a lot but everything was closed so there was no leaving the house.  

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