Thursday, August 22, 2013

BBTW Week 10: Hobby Time

Prompt 1: Tell us about a hobby/addiction/obsession of yours.
I used to have hobbies.  I would cross stitch and scrapbook.  I danced when I was younger.  I acted in musicals.  I was an avid reader. And then work got busy and I got married (again) and had a baby and my hobbies kind of disappeared.  I moved my scrapbooking supplies for the 3rd time and still haven't taken them out of the box because I have no time and no space to work on all the books I have wanted do over the last 5 years.  Same with the cross stitch work.  And the dancing and musicals fell to the wayside as I got out of shape thanks to sitting at a desk all day with no exercise.  I am trying to read more but even that is hard to fit in.  So I really don't feel like I have hobbies anymore.  But I am hoping that will change.

As for obsessions, well, there is this certain college football team I am kind of fond of.  You know, the University of Alabama Crimson Tide.  Heard of them?  I mean they aren't very good.  They've only won three of the last four national championships.  Of course, if you know me, then you know that saying I am fond of Alabama is an understatement.  I love college football.  I spend most of my Saturdays in the fall glued to my TV, starting my morning out with College Game Day and then watching whatever game interests me until Alabama plays.  College football is my sport but Alabama is my team.  It's interesting to be an Alabama fan in the land of the Longhorns and Aggies though.  I'm sort of a fish out of water but somehow I keep finding fellow fans around me.  I have two coworkers who are Alabama grads.  Our neighbors are Alabama fans.  There are a few at church and our pastor is from Alabama but he is an Auburn fan.  I try not to hold it against him.  I am so ready for football season to start.  9 days and counting!
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CraftyHope said...

ROLL TIDE! I cannot wait. I think there are game actually on on Thursday and I'm planning on watching them. I'm just ready for some college football already! :)