Monday, January 12, 2015

How did I do - 2014

  1. Take a trip that doesn't include visiting my parents or any other family. - Done: Chris and I took Jackson to Sea World for our anniversary in June. It was a fun little get away.
  2. Pay off a couple of credit cards and keep them paid off. - Done: We were able to utilize some extra money to make this happen. 
  3. Go on at least 1 date a month with Chris. - Not Exactly: We did go out quite a bit thanks to our Y membership and the cheap childcare they offer on the weekends but then things got busy and we didn't have time to go out.
  4. Take the boys to Disney World. - Ha! Nope.
  5. Read 24 books that are being turned into movies. - Not even close. I think I read 11 books and it has been months since I read anything.
  6. Spend an entire weekend kid free. - Two if you count my trips to Alabama for my Judson board meetings.
  7. See Alabama play in Bryant-Denny Stadium. - A girl can dream, can't she?
  8. Participate in NaBloPoMo. - Haha this didn't even cross my mind.
  9. Complete the 52 Week Money Challenge. - Unfortunately no.
  10. Read the entire Bible - See my previous statement about reading.
  11. Celebrate Mom and Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary in January. - Done: So happy this happened. It was a great day of family and friends that we weren't sure at times would even happen.
  12. Do at least 1 fun family activity a month. - I'm not sure we did something once a month but we stayed busy. I found plenty for us to do which was easier this year with Jackson getting older. 
  13. Keep money in our savings account all year. - Barely but there was at least a little bit all year. 
  14. See my nephew graduate from high school in May. - Done. It was a last minute trip and Jackson was awful for must of it but I was there. 
  15. Lose the remaining 20 (or 25) pounds I need to get off. - So it's more like I gained those pounds rather than lost them.
  16. Find a new "For Me Only" activity. - Done. I decided to join Junior League. It's been a lot of work but I have loved it. 
  17. Watch all of Veronica Mars before the movie comes out. - Done and I can't believe I missed this show when it was on. Loved every minute of it. 
  18. Finish Jackson's Year 2 book. - Nope and let's not even talk about year three especially since we are half we through year 4. 
  19. Make the most of our Thinkery membership. - We really do like the museum and we've attended several events there. However, we need to do more to make it worth the money. 
  20. Find a new activity for Jackson in the fall. - We tried soccer and that lasted about 3 weeks and 1 game. Three year olds aren't really ready for organized sports. 
  21. Take some day trips around Texas. - We took a few trips around Texas but not really for fun or what I meant here. 
  22. Go to some wineries on the Texas Wine Trail. - While we didn't get to visit the trail, we did join a wine club this year and we have really enjoyed that. 
  23. Use my camera more which means learn how to use it. - I think I need to take a class to make this happen. 
  24. Get Jackson and Sean both into swimming lessons. - Jackson took swim lessons this year and we had plans to put both boys in until they closed our pool for repairs and then it just didn't happen. 
  25. Bake now that I have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. - I still haven't used the mixer. Chris has but not me. 
  26. Actually follow some of the tips and activities I've pinned on Pinterest. - Maybe, I think but I honestly don't remember. I don't get on Pinterest much anymore. 
  27. Plan two birthday parties in one month (again). - Done although they didn't go quite as well as I would have liked. 
  28. Revamp my wardrobe. - I can think changing jobs for making this happen. No longer do I live in the jeans and tshirt uniform. 
  29. Make cookies for Chris's shift. - Yeah, sorry, honey!
  30. Organize a gathering for the shift wives. - We got together but not for a pleasant reason. 

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