Saturday, January 24, 2015


The number 1 thing on my 2015 to do list was buy a new house. We have been in a rental since we sold our house in 2013. While there is nothing wrong with our current living situation, this house always felt temporary. The house met our needs when we had three weeks to move but now more than a year and a half later, I can see the faults in it.  Chris finally agreed with me around Christmas after looking at a picture I took of the Christmas tree where he declared, "This is not our house."  Since then, he has been a man on a mission to find "our house." 

We started the house hunt at the beginning of January. For three weeks, we spent hours touring houses and attending open houses.  We found houses we liked only to have them go under contract before we could see them or put in an offer ourselves. I was printing novels from the MLS and making notes like crazy. Our preapproval was in process. Everything was heading down the path to home ownership.  We just had to find the house.

Last Saturday we had an appointment with our realtor to take a second look at a house we both really liked. Chris would have made an offer at our first viewing. I wasn't sold then but the more I thought about it, I really started to imagine the house as our's. It had a great yard and was in a fantastic neighborhood with amenities galore. The kitchen was newly upgraded and it had all the space I was looking for.  But I just couldn't say yes.  We left the house to go see a new neighborhood that had a few inventory homes I was interested in.  I figured we would look at them and then head back to the office to write up the offer on the other house.

All along I had said we weren't interested in a new house because we didn't have time to wait for one to be built nor the money to put down up front.  An inventory home was a nice idea because it would be ready sooner but we wouldn't get to pick out the features that we wanted.  Imagine my shock last weekend when we sat down with the sales agent to run the numbers and it turned out to be way more affordable then we expected to build a house of our own. I had told Chris on the way to the new neighborhood they would really have to impress me to change my mind on the house. Well, they succeeded. 

After much thought and prayer and a chance to sleep on it, we went back on Sunday to sign on the dotted line.  
Some time between June and August, this plot of dirt and rocks will be our new house.  I'm still. In shock at this is really happening but, boy, are we excited!

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