Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 To Do List

1. Serve vegetables nightly with dinner when we cook at home
2. Bake from scratch and actually try some new recipes
3. Blog at least once a month
4. Read at least one book a month
5. Get Jackson ready to start Kindergarten in August
6. Attend Bobbye's Graduation in May
7. Learn to make gumbo like my mom does
8. Finish my community placement in May
9. Buy new living room furniture
10. Finish decorating the house before August
11. Clean out the garage by the end of February
12. Lose 20 pounds (and more if possible)
13. Get Jackson involved in some sort of activity, either more sports or something else he will enjoy
14. Take a vacation that doesn't include visiting family
15. See Alabama play in the Cowboys Classic in September
16. Work on a budget and stick to it
17. Celebrate Jackson's 5th birthday in July
18. Volunteer at VBS
19. Spend a long weekend in Houston with my brother
20. Spend a weekend with Chris's family in Wicitia Falls
21. Get caught up on Jackson's yearly picture books
22. Go to the theatre and the ballet
23. Take a cooking and/or wine pairing class
24. Schedule a family photo shoot
25. Use my fine china or Christmas china at least once a month
26. Establish and stick to a cleaning and laundry schedule
27. Start our tour of the Daytripper's locations this summer
28. Visit the murals of Austin
29. Try a new restaurant once a month
30. Take more pictures with my actual camera

1 comment:

CraftyHope said...

That's a really long list! I wish you all the best on each and every one of these goals. I know you and know you can get through them if you set your mind to it. So you'll be here in May!? ;)
Oh, and what is the 'community placement' you mentioned. I think I saw you mention it elsewhere and I just don't know what that means.
Anyway. . .wishing you all the best and much happiness for 2016! {HUGS}