Saturday, August 2, 2008

Busy Bee

So I have been hard at work trying to finish putting my house in order. I know I have been in the house 3 months now. One would think I would be unpacked by now. But with all the issues I have had from furniture being on back order to lack of assistance with putting together said furniture to the closet collapse, it is not a surprise that I am still sorting and organizing. fortunately great strides have been made this week in accomplishing the near impossible task of being completely moved into my new house. I managed to get all the boxes moved from the kitchen so you can actually walk across the entire room and open all cabinets (and the dish washer and oven) without hitting anything. This also allowed me to put together the table and baker's rack which take up the open space in the front of the kitchen across from the pantry.
I also had some come install the Elfa closet system I purchased from the Container Store to replace the old closet on Friday. This has vastly improved my ability to unpack. Now I can store things in my closet without worrying about everything falling on me and I can hang my clothes up again. So I spent my day today loading down my closet with all my clothes and whatever else I have decided to store in there. It is great to have everything organized again.
Also, my coworker, Alisha, helped me put together my dresser so I now have drawer space for all my underwear and such. Needless to say, I have been busy as a beaver working to get all this stuff put up. This also got me motivated to move the boxes that were taking up space in the dining room to the rooms that they belong in. So now when I am ready to work in those rooms everything will be in there. My goal for the weekend is to finish organizing my bedroom and bathroom. I am more than half way there but I have to finish laundry at the same time. I feel like I can get it all done tomorrow. Then I will hit the guest bedroom and the office. The garage is my last beast to tackle because that involves getting rid of all the boxes and packing materials I have been throwing in there as I unpacked. Once that is done, it is garage sale time. I can't believe the amount of random crap I have accumulated. Hopefully the weather will have cooled off a bit by the time I am ready for the garage sale.

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