Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crazy Headline for the Day

Once again I was perusing my Google reader when I came across a headline that just struck me as funny. It's actually from the WKRG breaking news and it reads:
"Possible Tornado Hits Alabama"

Now, my dear readers, how do you not know if it was a tornado? I personally have never been in a tornado so I don't know what it is like to experience one but I have been through my fair share of hurricanes. Believe me, you can't miss those suckers so I would imagine the same would be true for a tornado. Thoughts?

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Jessica said...

Well Juliebug, I understand that statement all to well. I lost my first car in a "Tornado". There was crazy wind and rain. I saw a tire flying through the air and a stop sign spinning in place. My car was carried fifty yards into another car, while I was in it. Now, according to the news no touchdowns were reported. So "Straight line winds" were said to be the cause of so much damage in Huntsville that night.